Monday, 3 April 2017

Skylights, a Path to Innovative Lighting Structures

Do you know what skylights are?

What is the difference between traditional and modern skylights?

One of the coolest innovations in the lighting sector is the modern skylight structures which has changed the whole outlook of day lighting structures.


Velux Skylight provides the best skylight structures in various designs and features like as follows:

·         Rain sensors
·         Hurricane resistant glass
·         Temperature control options
·         Lighting effect options
·         Motor control options
·         Privacy options like skylights shade

The two types of skylights include roof and tube skylights, where the former is installed in broader places while the latter is installed in narrower places.

Skylights Shade

Modern structures are even installed at places where traditional skylights or windows cannot be installed. Traditional structures were mere openings in the ceiling which allowed natural light to enter and brighten up the place while modern structures are way more advanced than that.


There are various benefits of installing skylights, such as:

o   Improves mood and spreads positive
o   Enhances productivity and creativity
o   Eco-friendly
o   Recover its costs in time
o   Gives many options like temperature and lighting control
o   Utilities natural light
o   Saves energy
o   Causes no pollution
o   Saves money

The fact that it does not cause any pollution or money makes it the biggest attraction for a lighting product. The many designs allows people to remove the ugly looking bulbs and install architecturally sound structures which are not just beautiful but also gives the place an architectural feel and expression.

There are many studies which prove that natural light improves mood of people which affects the creativity and productivity in a positive manner. Such facts also provokes people to purchase the structures as soon as they get the most suitable design for their place.

Velux Skylight

The fact that there can be innumerable designs and customization options available with skylight structures, makes it a consumer friendly product and gives out the wide scope in this sector. It is a path to new lighting solutions because being able to provide bright light without using a single amount of electricity or causing pollution, it makes people believe that new innovations in this sector can really enhance the features like storing light for night-time purposes which will remove the ‘daylighting’ aspect of it and many more features from different visual effects to smart control options.

Skylight structures can be installed anywhere i.e. both commercial venues and residential venues. Though the structure costs more than a bulb in the start, but it recover its costs in the long run, as mentioned above.


Eco-friendly businesses make people believe that they are doing well for the environment, their bit to the environment. It also allows them to stay connected with the Mother Nature and feel good about it.
Always be a part of something big and try to contribute to the environment. It does not mean that one should do good for the environment, but it simply means to never do wrong to the environment in which we live in.

Stay safe and Innovate!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Feel The Difference in Your Daily Work and Living Area Using Skylights

Skylights windows transmit elite regular daylight without warm pick up or misfortune; that routine control or box bay windows are known for.

Skylights Los Angeles

The foul scent in the winter seasons will vanish absolutely when daylight will go into your home. Help up bay window are along these lines is the best decision to let common sun beams enter in your home. Introduce Skylights by Skylights Los Angeles benefit at your home to get the true serenity by common daylight. It gives your home another look with loaded with positive vitality. Sky facing windows are introduced on the rooftop best on your living arrangement put. This will give adequate daylight which will augment equally in every one of the rooms. Our experts' works productively with completing work which don't harm your home inside and your room will look entirely unexpected than some time recently.

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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Reasons Why Skylights Are Getting Extremely Popular These Days!

Skylights have proven to be the most stylish looking roof windows that you can ever have. People recognize us by our lifestyle, and for this, we have to enhance the way we live and the place where we live. An amazing ambience is always great to live in, we feel more energetic and motivated in living in the place we love. Obviously, you love if someone praises your home interior.
And if someone has not praised your home yet, then you should try installing skylights- a unique way to give your home a modern and authentic look. Today, the skylights are the best way to feel the freshness of the morning, coziness of the sunset in the evening and beauty of the sky in the night. Sounds exciting! Isn’t?

Get skylights from the best contractor:

Getting the best suitable skylights for your home is the important task, especially for the persons who are buying them for the first time. If you new to skylights too, then it is very essential for you to learn each and every small thing that matters in your skylight installation. The skylights comes in various forms and available in different prices. You can choose the best skylight that you feel is the most affordable and will enhance the beauty of your home. There are various skylight contractor that are available in different kind of colors and shapes, some of them are quite simple- best suitable for the persons who believe in simple living and others are available with advanced features- best suitable for the people who love smart living.

Skylight Contractor

Some of the people do not care about the cost, they do not like to compromise with the quality and technology. They believe in smart way of modern living, so they prefer skylights that have automated folds with which you can adjust the quality of light coming in. Some of them come with the remote controls which are the most convenient for the people who want to have full control of their skylights by seating in one location. Obviously, technology gives you a chance to learn so much about its advancements. Get these amazing skylights in your home and show people how advance and technical you are!

5 reasons to get skylights for your home:

1.       Skylights make your home to look even more ravishing.
2.       They make your room brighter and shiner through sunlight.
3.       You can see the outside scenes during wonderful weathers and can admire the beauty of the nature.
4.       Skylights can have a great impact in your lifestyle.
5.       They can suit your all moods.

Once you get skylight installed into your room, make sure they are well maintained and taken care of, especially during snowfall and rainy season. If you will not take care of them, then obviously you need to see some skylight repairing professionals. But sometimes, the damage or leakage doesn’t occur due rain or snow, it can also occur due to some defect in the manufacturing. So make sure you buy these skylights from well known or reputed manufacturers and suppliers. Lighten up Skylights riverside are one of the most reputed and efficient skylights manufactures and distributors. You can find great deals and great quality skylights here.

Get skylights at the best prices and transform your home into new place to live. They can serve your all needs, whether it is about watching a lovely outside scene or enjoying a rainy day, skylights are always perfect choice. But before getting any type of skylight, make sure you know which one is the best suitable for home.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Skylight Contractors Offer Installation, Repair & Replacement Facilities. Avail Now!

The Breathtaking beauty of the Sky!

Let Hope enter your house and fulfill it with positivity.

Prefer health over convenience.

Advancement of technology has led to cheaper home d├ęcor attractions which are good for the planet as well.

Many researchers have concluded that natural light i.e. sunlight increases creativity, productivity and positivity in a person. Nowadays, people have forgotten the meaning of going outside their homes to feel the blissful nature. Digital revolution is the reason for the increase for people to stay indoors; burning their eyes out on their mobile phones or other digital personal devices.

This resulted in the birth of many skylight manufactures; finding a solution to treat this problem.

Skylights and Their Benefits

These are devices installed in homes which allow natural light to enter the house and lighten up the surroundings. These are also considered as window-substitutes and are installed where windows cannot be installed.

These are of mainly three different types i.e. roof skylights, tube skylights and skylight shades. Tube skylights are installed in narrower places while roof skylights in a wider areas. Skylight shades are privacy skylights used in bathrooms and bedrooms for privacy purposes.

Skylight contractors design customized skylights to fit any house or commercial venue; enhancing the interior structure by its attractive designs and features. It can even provide with many lighting effects in the room like wall washes, soffit lighting and illumination wherever needed.

Benefits of Skylights

There are multiple benefits (health as well as emotional and financial) of skylight installations, such as:
  • Enhances positive mood
  • Increases creativity
  • Lowers electricity bills
  • Improves health conditions
  • Costs less in repair and low installation charges as well
  • Makes the person more people-friendly

It let the person feel connected to the nature while sitting inside.

Skylight Contractor

Skylight Contractors

Skylights devices are manufactured to solve purposes like:
  • Rain sensors
  • UV protection
  • Motor control features
  • Hurricane resistant glass
  • Temperature control options
  • Enhances the architectural theme of the venue
  • Acts as an additional attraction to the place

Skylight contractor provide their customers with overall skylight experience i.e. installation as well as skylight repair services. Some contractors even offer replacement options as well.


These devices are created by men to provide a natural experience to the insides of a venue; being a renewable energy source (lighting). It also enables families to stay connected to the Mother Nature and emit positive vibes all around.

It beats the Digital World in the aspect of natural beauty and connection with the nature.
It is an extremely eco-friendly, cost-effective and energy-efficient source of lighting solution i.e. natural light. It protects the ecosystem; spreading less (negligible) pollution and conserving the flora & fauna i.e. surroundings. It is used both in residential venues as well as commercial venues. It is highly preferred over other lighting solutions because of its attractive designs, shapes and features. It is high performing, affordable and extremely effective source of light for an enclosed venue.

It is even referred to as new windows to innovation because there are no drawbacks of skylight installation, just loads and loads of benefits.

It gives the place an Architectural Expression.

It encourages clean and green environment; saves the environment in a brighter and attractive manner as well. It also prevents the consumption of large amounts of non-renewable resources that are exhausted for energy generation. It not only enhances the lifestyle of the individual, but also promotes the importance of conserving the environment. It minimizes the need for fans and air conditioners during warmer months by being a natural coolant.

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Friday, 23 December 2016

Easy and Simple Skylight Installation by Lighten Up Skylight

Skylights window is the source of natural light that keep your house’s environment more ethnic and convenient to live in. These skylight windows are being installed through the ceiling of your rooms. People install them to safe electricity and money. They are known to be great source of light and also make your home to look more classy and beautiful. Skylights windows are basically to two types: frame-in-place and curb-mounted. Frame-in-place are being installed horizontal with the room’s roof and secured with L-shaped brackets. And curb-mounted skylights, rest on curbs above the roof plane. Skylights Los Angeles is famous for both types of skylights.

Basic steps to install skylight windows:
  • First step is framing a rough opening which depends on the skylight window’s type being installed. For example, a curb-mounted skylight will require a framed curb. Light shafts are used to connect the framing to the ceiling and roof opening.
  • Then, measurements are recorded for the headers of light shaft and holes are drilled through the roof.
  • L-Brackets are mounted in case of frame-in-place skylights and a curb is built in case of curb-mounted skylights. After framing, shingles are replaced.
  • Sill flashing is nailed into the curb, attached to the roof. Head flashing is installed under the shingles, and then, temporary supports are removed.
  • Headers are installed after cutting ceiling opening, field studs are placed on top and bottom and, then the rigid foam insulation is installed outside the light shaft.
  • Last step in Skylight Installation in which interior of the shaft is finished using drywall.
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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Spotlight on the Skylights - Lightenup Skylight

What do you mean by skylight?

Skylights have become very demanding and used as an important feature in most of the homes and commercial buildings all around the world. They are used as the major source of natural light into the rooms and brighten up the spaces of your home or building. They enhance the inner beauty of your home and help to reduce the cost of energy during winter season by keeping them warm.

It is very important for you to choose right skylight and install them correctly. After selecting right skylight, it is also very important for anyone to maintain them carefully. Usually many skylights got leaked or damaged because of many reasons like bad quality glass, manufacturing fault, dirt, snow, etc. To gain maximum benefits from them, it is very important to select the good quality skylights and maintain them properly.

Follow these points while selecting and installing skylight:

·  Skylights can selected on the basis of different factors like cost effectiveness, repair prone, quality and energy efficient.
·  Glass skylights are more efficient than the plastic skylights in terms of quality and maintenance.
·  While installing skylights, major consideration point is leak avoidance. It is good to install your skylight above your roof surface including a curb surrounding the base.
·   Slope is another consideration while installing the skylight.

skylights repair 

Let’s talk about Skylights repair

The need of repairing skylights have been raised due various common facts like leakage after the heavy rain or storm, dirt and dead leafs that clogged the shingles around the structure and preventing melting snow from running off the roof. Leakage can also occur due to cracks in the skylights and they need an immediate repair. In all the above cases of the leakage or cracked skylights, it is highly recommended to hire an expert or professional who can replace your skylight. It is also good to a temporary solution for the leakage or crack. You have to use a good quality cover or sealant to resist the leakage until the new replacement. The skylights should be maintained very carefully to avoid the damage or huge repairing cost.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Skylights are one of the first-rate principles to get the natural mild in your home. It blocks the damaging rays coming from the sun and offers a completely easy moderate which may be very healthful for us. Herbal daylight hours continues our mind loosen up and clam. Skylight additionally upload brightness into our room and our home will look excellent with whole of nature. It allows reducing our power invoice and gives a herbal moderate which make us experience alive and sparkling. Installing a Skylight to your roof top of the constructing lets in protective us from sun’s dangerous ray.

Bristolite Skylights Installation

Get the skylight at your private home and enjoy a peaceful nature of light into your room. there may be a enterprise referred to as lighten up Skylight is one of the nice skylight production commercial enterprise company who gives the quality skylights putting in provider for your private home which gives a super look to your home without adverse any ornament of your home. It has a hard and fast of specialists who will paintings in a very properly manner and change your regular room into an extraordinary room wherein you could relax your thoughts and no want to move everywhere to get the peace of mind. They will provide their services of putting in a skylight in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. Just get connect with our professionals to locate the top notch provider for installing a skylight to trade your home right into a best region. Bristolite Skylights Installation by means of loosen up Skylight is one of the famous carriers of installing a skylight. They paintings efficaciously and supply their one hundred% attempt to make your house a herbal and greenery vicinity.

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