Friday, 23 December 2016

Easy and Simple Skylight Installation by Lighten Up Skylight

Skylights window is the source of natural light that keep your house’s environment more ethnic and convenient to live in. These skylight windows are being installed through the ceiling of your rooms. People install them to safe electricity and money. They are known to be great source of light and also make your home to look more classy and beautiful. Skylights windows are basically to two types: frame-in-place and curb-mounted. Frame-in-place are being installed horizontal with the room’s roof and secured with L-shaped brackets. And curb-mounted skylights, rest on curbs above the roof plane. Skylights Los Angeles is famous for both types of skylights.

Basic steps to install skylight windows:
  • First step is framing a rough opening which depends on the skylight window’s type being installed. For example, a curb-mounted skylight will require a framed curb. Light shafts are used to connect the framing to the ceiling and roof opening.
  • Then, measurements are recorded for the headers of light shaft and holes are drilled through the roof.
  • L-Brackets are mounted in case of frame-in-place skylights and a curb is built in case of curb-mounted skylights. After framing, shingles are replaced.
  • Sill flashing is nailed into the curb, attached to the roof. Head flashing is installed under the shingles, and then, temporary supports are removed.
  • Headers are installed after cutting ceiling opening, field studs are placed on top and bottom and, then the rigid foam insulation is installed outside the light shaft.
  • Last step in Skylight Installation in which interior of the shaft is finished using drywall.
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