Monday, 3 April 2017

Skylights, a Path to Innovative Lighting Structures

Do you know what skylights are?

What is the difference between traditional and modern skylights?

One of the coolest innovations in the lighting sector is the modern skylight structures which has changed the whole outlook of day lighting structures.


Velux Skylight provides the best skylight structures in various designs and features like as follows:

·         Rain sensors
·         Hurricane resistant glass
·         Temperature control options
·         Lighting effect options
·         Motor control options
·         Privacy options like skylights shade

The two types of skylights include roof and tube skylights, where the former is installed in broader places while the latter is installed in narrower places.

Skylights Shade

Modern structures are even installed at places where traditional skylights or windows cannot be installed. Traditional structures were mere openings in the ceiling which allowed natural light to enter and brighten up the place while modern structures are way more advanced than that.


There are various benefits of installing skylights, such as:

o   Improves mood and spreads positive
o   Enhances productivity and creativity
o   Eco-friendly
o   Recover its costs in time
o   Gives many options like temperature and lighting control
o   Utilities natural light
o   Saves energy
o   Causes no pollution
o   Saves money

The fact that it does not cause any pollution or money makes it the biggest attraction for a lighting product. The many designs allows people to remove the ugly looking bulbs and install architecturally sound structures which are not just beautiful but also gives the place an architectural feel and expression.

There are many studies which prove that natural light improves mood of people which affects the creativity and productivity in a positive manner. Such facts also provokes people to purchase the structures as soon as they get the most suitable design for their place.

Velux Skylight

The fact that there can be innumerable designs and customization options available with skylight structures, makes it a consumer friendly product and gives out the wide scope in this sector. It is a path to new lighting solutions because being able to provide bright light without using a single amount of electricity or causing pollution, it makes people believe that new innovations in this sector can really enhance the features like storing light for night-time purposes which will remove the ‘daylighting’ aspect of it and many more features from different visual effects to smart control options.

Skylight structures can be installed anywhere i.e. both commercial venues and residential venues. Though the structure costs more than a bulb in the start, but it recover its costs in the long run, as mentioned above.


Eco-friendly businesses make people believe that they are doing well for the environment, their bit to the environment. It also allows them to stay connected with the Mother Nature and feel good about it.
Always be a part of something big and try to contribute to the environment. It does not mean that one should do good for the environment, but it simply means to never do wrong to the environment in which we live in.

Stay safe and Innovate!

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